InImpact: The Journal of Innovation Impact

Publisher: Future Technology Press

Vol. 8 No. 2: KES Transactions on SDM II - Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2015

Editors: KES International
Journal ISSN: 2051-6002

Date: 01-Nov-12


A Quantitative Analysis System for Greener Wind Turbine Concept Selection
Wai Cheung, Raymond Aso

1 - 12 

Assessment of Sustainable Product Development Tools and Methods
Salari Meysam, Bhuiyan Nadia

13 - 28 

Kinematic Analysis and Optimization of Bicycle Suspension
Jody Muelaner, Tom Knight, Joss Darling

29 - 38 

Investigation of Cutting Parameters in Sustainable Cryogenic End Milling
Alborz Shokrani, Vimal Dhokia, Stephen Newman

39 - 50 

Effect of Glass Surface Roughness on Separation Energy in Low Temperature Ultrasonic Soldering
Erry Adesta, M Mustafa, H Mohamad, Irfan Hilmy

51 - 60 

The Assembly and Disassembly Process Guided by Software Agents
Leo van Moergestel, Erik Puik, Daniel Telgen, John-Jules Meyer

61 - 73 

Non-parametric benchmarking of Life Cycle Impact Assessment results
Sebastian Lozano, Ma Teresa Moreira, Gumersindo Feijoo

74 - 81 

Environmental Impact Reduction for Small and Medium-sized Manufacturing Enterprises in New Product Development
Wai Cheung, Thomas Woods, Kevin Hilton, Roger Penlington

82 - 94 

Product change management: The through-life impact of diverging designs within product fleets
Paul Prickett, Ashley Morris, Rossi Setchi

95 - 106 

Conceptual Model for the Use of ICT Systems to Facilitate Manufacturing SME Servitization
Dominic Bevan

107 - 120 

Factory Eco-efficiency Modelling: Framework Development and Testing by Application
Aanand Dave, Peter Ball, Konstantinos Salonitis, Craig Astfalck

121 - 132 

Exploring Connections between Lean and Sustainability - A Systematic Literature Review
Anne Touboulic, Claire Biggs, Helen Walker, Zoe Radnor

133 - 144 

Energy Absorbing Characteristics of Additively Manufactured TPE Cellular Structures
Shwe Soe, Michael Ryan, Graham McShane, Peter Theobald

145 - 158 

Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of equipment driven by the dynamics of cost reduction
Alin Aurelian Posteuca, Miruna Zapciu

159 - 173 

Secondary use of electric vehicle batteries and potential impacts on business models
Na Jiao, Steve Evans

174 - 182 

A Strategy Process for Early Stage Ventures to Develop Sustainable Value Opportunities
Nancy Bocken, Padmakshi Rana, Nicky Athanassopoulou, Imoh Ilevbare, Robert Phaal

183 - 200 

Eco-Case Based Reasoning (Eco-CBR) for Supporting Sustainable Product Design
Awanis Romli, Miguel P. De La Pisa, Rossitza Setchi, Paul Prickett, Shwe Soe

201 - 212 

Sustainability criteria for transport of home care staff and frail people
Jana Voegl, Patrick Hirsch

213 - 220 

Competences necessary to improve the ability of organisation to design sustainable futures
Lloyd Fernando, Steve Evans

221 - 241 

Developing sustainable manufacturing strategies through practice maturity assessment
Lampros Litos, Steve Evans

242 - 257 

Remanufacturing in Pearl River Delta Area China: Challenges and Opportunities
Yong-chao Wang, Ya-Feng Zhu

258 - 268 

Recommendations for Sustainability in Production from a Machine-Tool Manufacture
Javier Diaz, Carlos Toro, Inigo Barandiaran, Jorge Posada

269 - 276 

Product design and business model strategies for a circular economy
Nancy Bocken, Conny Bakker, Ingrid de Pauw

277 - 296 

Incorporating Designing Thinking into Sustainable Business Modelling
Martin Lehmann, Nancy Bocken, Jon Steingrimsson, Steve Evans

297 - 316 

Achieving Sustainability in Small to Medium sized Manufacturing Enterprises through Educational Awareness
Michael Packianather, Alan Davies, John White, Sajith Soman

317 - 336 

The Choice of Production Volume of the ELV Depollution Station Using the Decision - Making Analysis
Aleksandar Tomovic, Milan Pavlovic, Milan Nikolic, Danijela Tadic, Aleksandar Pavlovic

337 - 348 

Sustainable Business Model Innovation: The Cases of Patagonia Inc. and Bureo Skateboards
Fiona Stappmanns

349 - 364 

Investigation of Influencing Variables on Sustainability of 3D-Printing and Fused Deposition Modelling
Stefan Junk, Rebecca Matt

365 - 376 

An Investigation into the Recycling of Ti-6Al-4V Powder Used Within SLM to Improve Sustainability
Richard O'Leary, Rossi Setchi, Paul Prickett, Gareth Hankins

377 - 388 

Challenges and Opportunities in the Additive Layer Manufacturing of Al-Al2O3 Nanocomposites
Quanquan Han, Rossitza Setchi, Bhushan Karihaloo

389 - 399 

Theoretical Analysis of the Mechanical Response of Lattice Structures Manufactured using Selective Laser Melting
Qixiang Feng, Qian Tang, Ying Liu, Rossi Setchi

400 - 411 

A Methodology for Process and Energy Mapping In Production Operations
Maria-Jose Rivas Duarte, John Cosgrove, Frances Hardiman

412 - 425 

Energy Saving Opportunities in a Food Factory
Richard Greenough, Pedro Sanchez Fuentes

426 - 437 

Design and Control of Manufacturing Systems for Enabling Energy-efficiency and -Flexibility
Tim Stock, Theo Bietz, Denys Alva, Martin Swat, Gunther Seliger, Dirk Bahre

438 - 449 

The application of web based LEAN Manufacturing tools to support the implementation of ISO 50001 - A Case Study v1.0
Ken Bruton, Peter O'Donovan, Dominic O'Sullivan

450 - 465 

A hybrid Measurement Systems Analysis and Uncertainty of Measurement Approach for Industrial Measurement in the Light Controlled Factory
Jody Muelaner, Andrew Francis, Mark Chappell, Paul Maropoulos

466 - 477 

The Issues & Challenges of 3D Managed Print Services: Towards a Support Tool for 3D Managed Print Services
James Gopsill, Ben Hicks

478 - 489 

Tracking Technologies to Support Virtual Prototyping of Manual Composite Lay-Up
Ashutosh Tiwari, Edyta Dzikon, Windo Hutabarat, Christopher Turner

490 - 502 

Effect of illumination wavelength on optimizing multicamera location systems in a factory environment
Stuart Robson, Lindsay MacDonald, Stephen Kyle, Mark Shortis

503 - 512 

Remote Real-Time Collaboration Platform enabled by the Capture, Digitisation and Transfer of Human-Workpiece Interactions
Vinayak Prabhu, John Oyekan, Ashutosh Tiwari, Yohann Advikolanu, Mark Burgess, Rob Mcnally

513 - 527 

Implementation of a machine tool performance measurement and diagnostic system and its impact on parts verification
Akbar Jamshidi, Mark Chappell, Jon Cave, Paul Maropoulos

528 - 537 

Design for Verification in the Context of the Light Controlled Factory
Paul Maropoulos, Andrew Francis, Jody Muelaner

538 - 551 

Computer aided Micro-EDM die-sinking tool design optimization
Samuel Bigot, Anthony Surleraux, Romain Lepert, Jean Phillipe Pernot

552 - 571 

Measuring and linking social network knowledge exchange and organisational performance
Raul Rodriguez Rodriguez, Josefa Mula Bru, Pedro Gomez-Gasquet, Ramona Diana Leon

572 - 583 

Business applications for Virtual World Platforms for Training
Olinkha Gustafson-Pearce, Susan Grant

584 - 595 

Pre-requisites to transferring tacit knowledge using social media
Susan Grant, Olinkha Gustafson Pearce

596 - 605 

Social Media and Social Netwoking Analysis for Knowledge Networking
Josefa Mula, Raul Rodriguez, Pedro Gomez, Susan Grant

606 - 617 

Manufacturing Lead-Time Reduction and Knowledge Sharing in the Manufacturing Sector
Twana Jaff, Atanas Ivanov

618 - 629 

Are we really doing the 'right thing'? From sustainability imperialism in global supply chains to an inclusive emerging economy perspective
Anne Touboulic, Ehimen Ejodame

630 - 643 

Supply Chain Re-shoring and its Relationship with Supply Chain Resilience
Anthony Soroka

644 - 655 

Opportunities for Sustainable Local Supply Chains: An exploratory study of Welsh Manufacturing Companies
Jacqueline Marsh, Michael Ryan, Anthony Soroka

656 - 667 

Control Architectures for Industrial Additive Manufacturing Systems
Daniel Eyers

668 - 679 

The Speed Dependent Heterogeneous Fixed Fleet Vehicle Routing Problem with Backhauls and Environmental Considerations
Jose Molina, Ignacio Eguia, Jesus Racero

680 - 691