InImpact: The Journal of Innovation Impact

Publisher Future Technology Press
Vol. 8 No. 2 KES Transactions on SDM II - Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2015
Volume Editors KES International
Journal ISSN 2051-6002
Article TitleCompetences necessary to improve the ability of organisation to design sustainable futures
Primary AuthorLloyd Fernando, University Of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
Other Author(s) Steve Evans
Pages 221 - 241
Article ID sdm15-024
Publication Date 02-May-16

The paper explores how organisations can improve the way they think about sustainable futures. The aim is to help manufacturers understand how to plan for futures that need to be radically different from the business as usual trajectory. This article proposes a competency assessment framework that can be used by entrepreneurs to assess their organisations transformation progress towards a sustainable industrial system and develop actionable responses to sustainability challenges. The paper reports the results of exploratory case studies observed through document analysis and interviews. A case study methodology was utilised to gain improved understanding of key competences and those factors that substantially influence the success of such efforts. The cross sector case company analysis offers findings on what other organisations have done to improve sustainability performance. It is found current-planning techniques may not be adequate to help envisage and prepare for radically different sustainable future. The challenge observed is that organisations donÕt have a common language for talking about the system for system level planning. The framework provides a common language to help manufacturers navigate the radical changes necessary to move towards sustainable industrial systems. The case study findings provide insights into what is important to practitioners in planning for a sustainable & resilient future.

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Remarks Paper presented at KES International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing, 12-14 April 2015
First date of publication in InImpact: 1 December 2015