InImpact: The Journal of Innovation Impact



Scope and Topics

The Journal accepts papers on a wide range of innovation and knowledge orientated topics.

Applicable themes include, but are not limited to:- 

  • Innovation, open innovation and co-creation
  • The relationship between knowledge transfer and innovation
  • Processes of knowledge transfer, knowledge origination, knowledge exchange and knowledge sharing
  • Human and organisational aspects of knowledge management
  • Incubators and hatcheries
  • Entrepreneurship activities and schemes
  • Commercialisation (licensing of intellectual property, spin-outs formation, and incubators)
  • Collaborative applied research and consultancy
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and similar government initiatives
  • Knowledge exchange / transfer and graduate employability
  • Knowledge exchange / transfer - innovative pedagogies
  • Spin-out companies
  • Incubators and entrepreneur schemes
  • University-industry contracts and consultancy
  • Licensing of university-originated intellectual property
  • The UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme
  • Other modes of knowledge transfer and technology transfer, e.g. work-based learning projects


A wide range of domains and disciplines are applicable to the journal including:-

  • Management and business
  • Electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering
  • Sustainability in energy, buildings, manfacturing and design


The following types of paper will be considered:- 

  • Case studies
  • Examples of best practice from practitioners
  • Innovative innovation and knowledge transfer mechanisms
  • The outcomes and results of projects
  • Management of innovation and knowledge transfer
  • Development of innovation and knowledge transfer policy