InImpact: The Journal of Innovation Impact

Publisher Future Technology Press
Vol. 8 No. 2 KES Transactions on SDM II - Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2015
Volume Editors KES International
Journal ISSN 2051-6002
Article TitleSecondary use of electric vehicle batteries and potential impacts on business models
Primary AuthorNa Jiao, University of Cambridge
Other Author(s) Steve Evans
Pages 174 - 182
Article ID sdm15-069
Publication Date 02-May-16

The universal market adoption of electric vehicles (EV) is still impeded by the high cost of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Repurposing EV batteries in second use applications could help reclaim a portion of initial cost and potentially reduce upfront EV costs. Further, second-life batteries could make EV technology more sustainable in terms of cleanliness of electricity mix for EV charging through storage and grid integration of renewables and of alleviating environmental concerns over battery disposal. This paper presents business models of different EV industry stakeholders that facilitate battery reuse. Based on original interviews with directors and managers from various EV sectors, as well as industry/company reports and academic literature, we analyse the deciding factors for different battery “post-vehicle” applications and their potential impacts on EV business models. The findings emphasize the importance of battery ownership, inter-industry partnerships and policy support on battery secondary use. The results also suggest the potential of battery reuse as a catalyst for EV business model reconfiguration.

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Remarks Paper presented at KES International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing, 12-14 April 2015
First date of publication in InImpact: 1 December 2015