InImpact: The Journal of Innovation Impact

Publisher: Future Technology Press

Vol. 7 No. 2: KES Transactions on SDM I - Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2014

Editors: KES International
Journal ISSN: 2051-6002

Date: 01-Nov-12


Facilitating Waste Paper Recycling and Remanufacturing via a Cost Modelling Approach
Wai Cheung, Vedant Pachisia, Reaz Hasan

1 - 12 

Aerosol cans under pressure and buckling loads
Fawzi Belblidia, T.N. Croft, S.J. Hardy, D.C. Bould, J. Sienz

13 - 17 

Potential for waste reduction when planing wood
Ann Axelsson, Magnus Fredriksson

18 - 25 

Crumpling feasibility of flexible paper sheets. Application to packaging in the food industry
Serge Rohmer, Alexis Merat

26 - 37 

Investigating the energy consumption of casting process by multiple life cycle method
Binxu Zeng, Mark Jolly, Konstantinos Salonitis

38 - 49 

Subtractive Manufacturing for Variable-Stiffness Plywood Composite Structures
Evan Greenberg, Axel Koerner

50 - 66 

Exploring Sustainable Design Using Image Schemas
Obokhai Asikhia, Rossitza Setchi, Yulia Hicks, Andrew Walters

67 - 78 

Numerical Modelling of a Marine Vessel Engine Room with Field Measurements
Will Newton, Mel Lewis, Nick Lavery, Ben Evans, David Bould, Johann Sienz

79 - 82 

Towards an Optimization Calculation for Preventative and Reactive Calibration Strategies
Abubaker Shagluf, Simon Parkinson, Andrew Longstaff, Simon Fletcher

83 - 94 

GE Jet Engine Bracket Challenge: A Case Study in Sustainable Design
H Morgan, Hector Levatti, Johann Sienz, Antonio Gil, David Bould

95 - 107 

An exploration of core misalignment, shifting and deflection phenomena through thickness measurements on thin-walled injection moulded bins
Marton Huszar, Fawzi Belblidia, Cris Arnold, David Bould, Johann Sienz

108 - 119 

Is there a relationship between product shape complexity and energy consumption in EBM?
Martin Baumers, Chris Tuck, Ricky Wildman, Ian Ashcroft, Richard Hague

120 - 135 

Using NDT Techniques to Detect and Characterise the Damage of End-Of-Life Components in Remanufacturing
Fatma Ocal, Yuchun Xu

136 - 147 

Hierarchy of Sustainable Design Factors within the Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods sector
Curie Park, Fiona Charnley, Simon Bolton, Steve Evans

148 - 161 

CFD based design and analysis of micro-structured surfaces with application to drag and noise reduction
Zongmei Chen, Hui Ding, Kai Cheng, Liang Zhao

162 - 171 

Studying Microstructure and Crystallinity of Polypropylene in an Injection Moulded Medical Bin Lid
Shahid Mehmood, 1Cris Arnold, David Bould, Nick Lavery, Johann Sienz, John Pittman

172 - 183 

Seam Separation Technology to Facilitate Re-use and Recycling of Textile Products
Elaine Durham, Andrew Hewitt, Charlie Rea, Stephen Russell

184 - 187 

Product Change Management: Assessing the challenges to maintaining design integrity throughout the product lifecycle
Ashley Morris, Marc Halpern, Rossi Setchi, Paul Prickett

188 - 200 

A Multi-Level Perspective Towards Energy Regime Transitions: A Wind Energy Diffusion Case Study
Jila Bagherian, Fiona Lettice

201 - 204 

Eco-Efficiency versus Eco-Effectiveness: A Case Study from the UK Exhibitions Industry
Fiona Charnley, Claudia Newton, Zoe Rowe, Leigh Tymms, Dawn Mills

205 - 217 

The dimensions of sustainability: concepts and strategies in the textile and clothing supply chain in Brazil.
Bruna Bertotto, Mariana Pohlmann, Fabio Silva

218 - 229 

An Assessment of Sustainable Manufacturing Practices in Mauritius
Dinesh Hurreeram, Bhoomitra Toolsy, Devkumar Callychurn

230 - 242 

Towards Revitalizing Welsh Manufacturing: The Role of Welsh Universities
Obiajulu Egbunike, Claire Biggs

243 - 255 

Industrial Perceptions of Manufacturing Operations Simulation
Anthony Soroka, Alastair Bennett, Paul Prickett, Michael Higgins

256 - 267 

A Simulation Study on Improving Throughput in a Crankshaft Line Considering Limited Budget
Dug Hee Moon, Shou Song, Guan Wang, Yang Woo Shin

268 - 277 

Feasibility of using Duraform® Flex lattice structures and additive manufacturing for optimising bicycle helmet design safety
Shwe Soe, Michael Robinson, Philip Martin, Michael Jones, Peter Theobald

278 - 290 

Challenges to sustainable Manufacturing Resource Planning implementation in SMEs: An exploratory study
Jaqueline Marsh, Anthony Soroka, Paul Davies, Jane Lynch, Daniel Eyers

291 - 302 

A tool for manufacturers to find opportunity in the circular economy -
Jamie Evans, Nancy Bocken

303 - 320 

An integrated assessment platform for sustainability performance in value networks: a proposal and first evidence from industry
Maria Holgado, Marco Macchi, J.P. Liyanage, Jakob Beer

321 - 332 

Using the value mapping tool for sustainable business thinking
Nancy Bocken, Padmakshi Rana, Samuel Short

333 - 349 

Life cycle assessment for eco-packaging design: a hybrid multi-criteria decision analysis approach
Xiaojun Wang, Gareth White

350 - 361 

Understanding Eco-Efficiency Through Environmental Performance Benchmarking - A Qualitative Approach
Lampros Litos, Steve Evans

362 - 373 

The Importance of Understanding the Business Context when Planning Eco-design Activities
Molly Buckingham, Elies Dekoninck

374 - 385 

Parallel computing for supporting complex energy simulation and optimisation
Ioan Petri, Haijiang Li, Yacine Rezgui, Chunfeng Yang, Bejay Jayan, Baris Yuce

386 - 397 

A Framework for Material Flow Assessment in Manufacturing
Oliver Gould, James Colwill

398 - 409 

Development of the Sustainable Design Index and associated algorithm for furniture design based on the materials costing data and dynamics
Hui Zhao, Kai Cheng

410 - 418 

Identification of Parameters for Environmental Impact Assessment of Product Packaging
Sumer Singh, Jyoti Kumar, P.V.Madhusudhan Rao

419 - 431 

Measures and Concept for Realizing Sustainability in Manufacturing Industry
Mikko Koho, Mikko Tapaninaho, Juhani Heilala, Seppo Torvinen

432 - 443 

A framework for multi-criteria decision support in sustainable through-life management of industrial assets
Stefanie Niekamp, Ujjwal Bharadwaj, Jhuma Sadhukhan, Marios Chryssanthopoulos

444 - 455 

Automatic Software Adaptation After Reconfiguring an Autonomous Manufacturing Systems
Daniel Telgen, Leo van Moergestel, Puik Puik, Laurens van den Brink, Tommas Bakker, John-Jules Meyer

456 - 467 

Multidisciplinary Design of Power Inverter: Case Study
Tapani Siivo, Mika Lohtander, Leevi Paajanen, Antti Jortikka, Jyrki Montonen, Juha Varis

468 - 475 

Engineering Intelligence Ecosystem Concept
Minna Lanz, Ossi Nykänen, Jussi Aaltonen, Pekka Ranta, Kari Koskinen

476 - 487 

Sensitivity Analysis of an Eco-design House of Quality Model
Awanis Romli, Paul Prickett, Rossitza Setchi, Shwe Soe

488 - 499 

A Literature Review of Disruption and Sustainability in Supply Chains
Guljana ShakirUllah, Luisa Huaccho Huatuco, Thomas Burgess

500 - 511 

The resilience assessment of supply networks: A case study from The Indonesian fertilizer industry
Issa Utami, Raymond Holt, Alison McKay

512 - 523 

A Binary Particle Swarm Optimization (BPSO) algorithm to solve a reverse logistics supply chain problem
Ernesto Santibanez-Gonzalez, Jairo Montoya-Torres, Luisa Huaccho Huatuco

524 - 535 

Unexpected Natural Disasters: Opportunity Utilization and Crisis Alleviation within a Development of Strategic Management Model
Raveekarn Aiemwongnukul

536 - 550 

Green logistics: Reducing Air Pollutant Emissions by using Horizontal Cooperation in Road Transportation
Angel Juan, Javier Faulin, Elena Perez-Bernabeu, Javier Belloso, Barry Barrios

551 - 553 

Knowledge management and knowledge discovery for process improvement and sustainable manufacturing: a foundry case study
Cinzia Giannetti, Rajesh Ransing, Meghana Ransing, David Bould, David Gethin, Johann Sienz

554 - 565 

Effect of degassing electrolyte on polarisation curve shape with the aim to apply knowledge to electrochemical machining
Rebecca Leese, Atanas Ivanov

566 - 573 

Error Detection and Correction Methodology for Laser Milling Processes on Biocompatible Ceramic Materials
Iñigo Llanos, Amaia Agirre, Harkaitz Urreta

574 - 582 

A generic system architecture for simulation based intelligent multi-stage multi-process machining system to achieve zero-defect manufacturing
Muhammad Arif, Paul Xirouchakis, Ahmed Bufardi, Olcay Akten, Nesic Nenad, Roberto Perez

583 - 594 

KNOWNET framework - architecture of a social supplier network
Susan Grant, Vladimir Zlatanov

595 - 605 

Tool wear monitoring and prediction in micro milling process for medical applications. Experimental analysis and characterization of tool wear for titanium materials
Antoni Barceló, Romário Guimarães, Thomas Wagner, Anthimos Georgiadis

606 - 617 

Adaptive process control strategy for a two-step bending process
Franz Dallinger, Jos Havinga, Emile Roux, Roberto d'Ippolito, Pavel Hora, Ton van den Boogaard

618 - 627 

Manufacturing Lead time Reduction towards Zero Defect Manufacturing
Twana Jaff, Atanas Ivanov

628 - 640 

Computational Methodology for Optimal Design of Additive Layer Manufactured Turbine Bracket
Hector Levatti, Nicholas Lavery

641 - 652 

Development of an innovative ERWC approach to sustainable manufacturing with application to design of an energy-resource efficient CNC centreless grinding
Hui Ding, Kai Cheng

653 - 667 

A review of Computational Modelling of Additive Layer Manufacturing - multi-scale and multi-physics
Nicholas Lavery, Stephen Brown, Johann Sienz, John Cherry, F Belblidia

668 - 690 

Influences of a High Frequency Induction Current on the Uniformity of the Magnetic Field in an Electromagnetic Casting Mould
Lintao Zhang, Ian Cameron, Johann Sienz

691 - 702 

Design for Reliability of Steering Power Module due to Design Consideration and Material Selection
Juergen Eckermann, Shahid Mehmood, Helen Davies, Nicholas Lavery, Stephen Brown, Johann Sienz

703 - 719 

An experimental and CFD investigation into the mixing in a closed system stirred vessel
Jennifer Thompson, Diane McBride, Oubay Hassan, Sam Rolland, Nicholas Lavery, David Bould

720 - 731 

A Methodology for Automated Pellet size Distribution in a Pellet Mill
David James, Mauro Innocente, John Cherry, Marc Holmes, Steve Brown, Nick Lavery

732 - 743 

Suitability of multi-layer perceptron neural network model for the prediction of roll forces and motor powers in industrial hot rolling of high strength steels
David James, Alex Gater, Nick Lavery, Johann Sienz

744 - 756 

The development of a sub-atmospheric two-phase thermosyphon natural gas preheater using a lumped capacitance model
Will Newton, Hocine Matallah, David James, Ian Cameron, Nicholas Lavery, Stefan Romocki

757 - 768 

Case study of an organisation trying to reimage its place in the supply chain: transformation towards industrial sustainability
Lloyd Fernando, Steve Evans

769 - 783 

Green logistics solutions for the route design problem
Jose Molina, Ignacio Eguila, Jesus Racero, Fernando Guerrero

784 - 795 

The Supply Chain as a Complex Evolving System
Christopher Lee, V Stephens, J Barrett

796 - 811 

Conceptualising a new model for SSCM in the UK defence sector
Victoria Stephens, Chris Lee, Jolyon Barrett

812 - 824 

Tidal energy supply chains: do you want to dip your toe in the water?
Rachel Mason-Jones, Andrew Thomas, Paul Davies, Allan Mason-Jones, Tim O'Doherty, Daphne O'Doherty

825 - 838 

Supply Chain Paradox: Green-field Architecture for Sustainable Strategy Formulation
Hefin Rowlands, Petar Radanliev, Andrew Thomas

839 - 850 

Platform using contextualized energy consumption data to provide energy-efficiency related decision support for manufacturing industry
Gunnar Große Hovest, Christian Wolff, Kevin Nagorny, Ulrich Nauber, Karl Krone

851 - 862 

Eco Process Engineering System for highly customized industrial products, processes and services
Sebastian Scholze, Cristina Grama, Oliver Kotte

863 - 874 

Product Concept Manufacturability and Sustainability Assessment with Eco Process Engineering System
Juhani Heilala, Reino Ruusu, Jari Montonen, Saija Vatanen, Pablo Bermell-Garcia, Carlos Kavka

875 - 886 

Self-Learning Production Systems: A New Production Paradigm
Giovanni Di Orio, Gonçalo Cândido, José Barata

887 - 898 

Context-based decision support for sustainable optimization of energy consumption
Maria Marques, Boris Sucic, Tomaz Vuk

899 - 910 

A carbon efficiency method to evaluate the environmental burden of a workshop based on energy footprint and carbon footprint
Chaoyang Zhang, Pingyu Jiang, Lei Zhang, Weidong Li, Peihua Gu

911 - 923 

A Systematic Review on Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
Xin Lu, Weidong Li

924 - 935 

Investigations on repetition rate and laser wavelength for efficient generation of black silicon solar cells
Viktor Schütz, Jürgen Koch, Oliver Suttmann, Ludger Overmeyer

936 - 949 

Laser transmission welding of polymers and ceramics demonstrated on PMMA and LTCC
Kohler Robert, Maika Torge, Heino Besser, Hans Jürgen Seifert, Wilhelm Pfleging

950 - 960 

Laser texturing of imprinting dies using nanosecond pulses. Applications for automotive industry.
Iban Quintana, David Matthews, Eva Rodriguez

961 - 972 

Factors influencing laser material removal process in micro cavity manufacturing
Petko Petkov

973 - 984 

Profit Sharing Method and Virtual Factory System to Decide Parts Layout in Parts Storage Racks
Hidehiko Yamamoto, Takayoshi Yamada, Ikurou Fukuta, Yuuki Yamauchi, Masahiro Nakamura

985 - 999 

The role of innovative management on firm performance
YH Venus Lun, Quaddus Mohammed

1000 - 1012 

Exploring Environmental New Product Development through the Three Dimensional Concurrent Engineering Approach
Mendy Mombeshora, Elies Dekoninck, Steve Cayzer

1013 - 1024 

A Typology for the Management of Engineering Activities Based on the Decoupling Point Concept
Jon Gosling, Mohamed naim, Bill Hewlett

1025 - 1036 

Typology for planning and control - Combining object type, mode type, and driver type
Joakim Wikner, Sayeh Noroozi

1037 - 1048 

Knowledge Management and the Development of Maritime Research Institutes
Taih-Cherng LIRN, Kuo-Chung SHANG, Shih-Wei Huang

1049 - 1072 

Open Innovation Models for Knowledge Driven Food and Packaging Manufacturing
Charalampos Makatsoris, Panagiotis Tsimiklis, Stephen Green, Sharon Baurley, Sheng Feng Qin, Tom Rodden

1073 - 1086 

Social Network Software in the Enterprise Supply Chains
Vladimir Zlatanov, Susan Grant

1087 - 1098 

An Overview of Social Network Analysis and Knowledge Networks
Josefa Mula, Josep Capo-Vicedo, Jordi Capo, Susan Grant

1099 - 1105 

The Use of Virtual Environments for Knowledge Sharing in Education and Industry
Olinkha Gustafson-Pearce, Susan Grant

1106 - 1114 

The Impact of Saudi Arabia's Culture on Employee 'Knowledge Sharing' Motivational Rewards Within the Public and Private Sectors: The Case of Saudi Arabian Airlines
Hattan Alsharif

1115 - 1129