InImpact: The Journal of Innovation Impact

Publisher Future Technology Press
Vol. 7 No. 2 KES Transactions on SDM I - Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2014
Volume Editors KES International
Journal ISSN 2051-6002
Article TitleIdentification of Parameters for Environmental Impact Assessment of Product Packaging
Primary AuthorSumer Singh, Research Scholar
Other Author(s) Jyoti Kumar; P.V.Madhusudhan Rao
Pages 419 - 431
Article ID sdm14-066
Publication Date 01-May-16
AbstractAnalogous to products, product packaging too has a life-cycle consisting of design, manufacture, usage and disposal. Environmental impact of product packaging is of immense interest to package designers, package manufacturers as well as its users. However, there are relatively few studies centered about environmental sustainability assessment of product packaging. There is a necessity to develop a comprehensive assessment system or rating, which can measure environmental impact. To arrive at a comprehensive assessment system, it would be required to identify parameters and formulate a framework for environmental impact assessment. The present paper is a step in this direction. The present work proposes to identify an exhaustive set of parameters which are relevant to environmental impact assessment of product packaging. The parameters identified in this work are comprehensive and overcomes some of the limitations of existing systems.
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