InImpact: The Journal of Innovation Impact

Publisher Future Technology Press
Vol. 7 No. 2 KES Transactions on SDM I - Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2014
Volume Editors KES International
Journal ISSN 2051-6002
Article TitleA Literature Review of Disruption and Sustainability in Supply Chains
Primary AuthorGuljana ShakirUllah, University of Leeds
Other Author(s) Luisa Huaccho Huatuco; Thomas Burgess
Pages 500 - 511
Article ID sdm14-022
Publication Date 01-May-16
AbstractAbstract A search was conducted for peer-reviewed academic literature in the management and business field that relates to the topics of disruption and sustainability in supply chains. A limited set of relevant papers were identified that are dominated by a single journal (the International Journal of Production Economics) suggesting that the reviewed area is still in its early stages of development. Where sustainability features in the literature the discussion tends to concentrate on trade-offs between economic and environmental aspects, with social aspects, on the whole, ignored.

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