InImpact: The Journal of Innovation Impact

Publisher: Future Technology Press

Vol. 5 No. 1: Innovation through Knowledge Transfer 2013

Editors: KES International
Journal ISSN: 2051-6002

Date: 01-Nov-12


Preface, International Programme Committee, Keynote Speaker Profiles
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Optimization of consultants' added value to information-intensive companies by improving transfer of consultants' individual to firm-specific knowledge
Wendy Dubbeld

1 - 4 

Knowledge structure maps based on Multiple Domain Matrices
Martina Wickel, Sebastian Schenkl, Danilo Schmidt, Jan Hense, Heinz Mandl, Maik Maurer

5 - 16 

Using Decision Classification Criteria for Knowledge Acquisition and Transfer in Multi-Perspective Decision Making Processes
Manuela Olmez, Marc Schandera, Maximilian Kissel, Udo Lindemann

17 - 30 

The process of innovation infrastructure creation in Russia: an exploratory study of St. Petersburg
Tatiana Khvatova, Lubov Lebedintseva

31 - 42 

Development of a Knowledge Mapping Approach for Independent Knowledge Elicitation and Representation
Helena Hashemi Farzaneh, Alexander Reik, Maik Maurer

43 - 53 

Knowledge Transfer Partnership within the 'Creative Industry'. A case study of Clusta Ltd.
Chris Harkin, Annette Copper

54 - 66 

Managing the knowledge exchange process: reflective learning from TSRC
Razia Shariff, Naomi Landau

67 - 79 

The AGA Archive: An Innovative Application of a Business Archive as an Inspirational Resource for Designers
Shane Walker, David Prytherch, Charlotte Whitehead

80 - 95 

Harnessing The Global Brain in Medical Imaging: 3DnetMedical Experience
Rado Andriantsimiavona, Soeren Grimm, Harry Hatzakis

96 - 103 

Supporting regional growth from the higher education community: the Energy Coast Campus Programme in West Cumbria
Alison Marshall, Patrick Quinlan, John Berry

104 - 115 

New Innovative Ways for Multidisciplinary University Research Based Open Innovation - Comprehensive case study within in-door climate remediation
Jens Lonholdt, Lone Tolstrup Karlby, Mads Terkelsen

116 - 129 

Selectamark: The Development of a Global IT Platform
Joe Dixon, James Denholm-Price, Andrew Knights, Jason Brown

130 - 135 

Client Relationship Management - A mechanism for more effective Knowledge Transfer?
Jonathan Gorst, Suzanne Cass

136 - 145 

From Linear to Crowd Innovation - Facilitating the process by compiling and processing hard and soft big data through social media
Jens Lonholdt

146 - 156 

A Prototype Model for Mini-Knowledge Transfer Delivered Through a Graduate Internship Programme
Jerry Allen, Victor Newman

157 - 162 

Exploring The Power of Collaborative Value Architectures: Combining Knowledge Products to Innovate and Create New Value
Victor Newman

163 - 170 

Creating Effective Knowledge Exchange through Mini-Innovation Vouchers
Chris Birch

171 - 186 

Engineering Apprenticeships: an industry-based training programme benefitting companies
Julia Dusoulier, John Downes

187 - 191 

InnovENT-E (c) Institute for open training: developing innovative SMEs capacities to export
Chantal Hurard, Jean-Louis Billoet, Jean-Louis Allard, Pascal Alberti

192 - 193 

Graduate Internship lead to Graduate Jobs: a comparison of case evidence in 2010 & 2012
Jerry Allen, Victor Newman

194 - 200