KES Transactions on Innovation in Music

Publisher: Future Technology Press

Vol. 1 No. 1: Special Edition - Innovation in Music 2013

Date: 31-Dec-14

Remarks: Printed edition published November 2014
Online edition published April 2015


Technical Keynote Speech: Investing in Quality - At What Cost?
Crispin Murray

1 - 6 

The Vocal Tract Organ
David Howard

7 - 19 

A Quantitative Evaluation of Signal Masking in Summed and Compressed Audio
William Campbell, Justin Paterson, Rob Toulson

20 - 31 

Oliver Larkin

32 - 40 

Potential for reduction in noise exposure using closed back headphone monitoring for rehearsal - a pilot study
Christopher Barlow, Adam Wenman

41 - 52 

The challenge of monetizing consumer behaviour via advertisements in a multi-sided music business environment
Ainslie Harris

53 - 66 

Wavefondler - a multi-touch interface for iPad to control audio on a host computer via a visualization of the waveform
Justin Paterson

67 - 78 

Game Scoring: FEZ, Video Game Music and Interactive Composition
Mack Enns

79 - 93 

Audio-Photographic Art: An introduction to music and photography as a single art object
Hali Santamas

94 - 100 

Crowdfunding Digital Musical Instruments: A Case Study
Andrew McPherson

101 - 109 

Sampling the Past: A tactile approach to interactive musical instrument exhibits in the heritage sector
Kenneth McAlpine

110 - 125 

The Progressive Heavy Metal Guitarist's Signal Chain: Contemporary Analogue and Digital Strategies
Matthew Shelvock

126 - 138 

Real Time Drum Augmentation with Physical Modeling
Benjamin Eyes

139 - 146 

The OWL: An Open Source, programmable stage effects pedal
Thomas Webster, Guillaume LeNost, Martin Klang

147 - 157 

Automated 'Wow' Generation In Musical Composition
Darrell Mann, Christopher Bradshaw

158 - 169 

The Game Pulse - Timing Game Events and Music Events
Sander Huiberts, Richard van Tol

170 - 185 

Music On The Screen
Bruce Darlington

186 - 200 

Interdependable: Case studies on improvisation, composition and choreography in contemporary dance.
Robert Smith, Ben Challis

201 - 212 

Embedding ISRC Identifiers in Broadcast Wave Audio Files
Rob Toulson, Barry Grint, Ray Staff

213 - 223 

Evaluating harmonic and intermodulation distortion of mixed signals processed with dynamic range compression
Rob Toulson, William Campbell, Justin Paterson

224 - 246 

The Slow Burn: Questioning the discourse surrounding popular music success and exploring opportunities for entrepreneurship in 'the long tail'
Marcus O'Dair

247 - 262