KES Transactions on Innovation in Music

Publisher Future Technology Press
Vol. 1 No. 1 Special Edition - Innovation in Music 2013
Article TitleThe OWL: An Open Source, programmable stage effects pedal
Primary AuthorThomas Webster, Rebel IT, University of Bedfordshire
Other Author(s) Guillaume LeNost; Martin Klang
Pages 147 - 157
Article ID im13bk-014
Publication Date 17-May-15
AbstractThe OWL: An Open Source, programmable stage effects pedal Thomas Webster1, Guillaume LeNost2, Martin Klang3 1University of Bedfordshire, Luton, LU1 3JU, UK 2Lionfish Audio, London, SE4 2PB, UK 3Rebel Technology, London, E2 8HD, UK 1 Abstract The Open Ware Laboratory (OWL) is an Open Source, programmable stage effects pedal that takes a step towards putting the power and flexibility of computer-based audio Digital Signal Processing (DSP) into dedicated hardware devices and instruments for performing musicians. The OWL provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that makes it possible for users to program their own audio effects applications, or ‘patches’ for the device in the C++ programming language. This paper introduces the concept and motivation behind the OWL and outlines the fundamental differences in approach between it and other similar hardware audio processing devices.

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