KES Transactions on Innovation in Music

Publisher Future Technology Press
Vol. 1 No. 1 Special Edition - Innovation in Music 2013
Article TitleMusic On The Screen
Primary AuthorBruce Darlington, The University of Chester
Pages 186 - 200
Article ID im13bk-017
Publication Date 17-May-15
AbstractThe dominant epistemology of social understanding and dissemination of information has shifted from print based media to an understanding generated through screens. The way in which music is experienced has been significantly altered by this shift. From mobile devices, to laptops, desktops, televisions and so on, the main way listeners experience music in contemporary western society is through a screen of one type or another. This has led to a shift in the way the listener engages with the music they are hearing, and this shift in understanding and experience has been little noted in academic music scholarship, making discussion of its symptoms and potential implications necessary.
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