KES Transactions on Innovation in Music

Publisher Future Technology Press
Vol. 1 No. 1 Special Edition - Innovation in Music 2013
Article TitleAutomated 'Wow' Generation In Musical Composition
Primary AuthorDarrell Mann, Systematic Innovation Network
Other Author(s) Christopher Bradshaw
Pages 158 - 169
Article ID im13bk-015
Publication Date 17-May-15
AbstractThe paper reports research to identify and then reverse engineer what evokes a ‘wow’ emotional response in listeners of musical compositions. The results of this analysis have then been compared to a systematic innovation methodology built on the analysis of close to three million innovations observed from a wide spectrum of human endeavour in order to identify similarities and differences. The result of this analysis is the fact that all of the examined musical ‘wows’ could be seen to fit precisely into a very small number of established patterns of inventive thinking. A final section of the paper discusses the possibility that these inventive patterns can be built into software-based composition tools in such a way that new ‘wow’ moments can be generated in an at least partially automated fashion.

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