InImpact: The Journal of Innovation Impact

Publisher: Future Technology Press

Vol. 7 No. 1: Innovation through Knowledge Transfer 2014

Editors: KES International
Journal ISSN: 2051-6002

Date: 01-Nov-12


Preface, International Programme Committee, Keynote speakers abstracts and biographies
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Mapping Innovation Practice Among Practitioners
Victor Newman

1 - 20 

ETRERA Project: an Europe - Tunisia cooperation in S&T transfer.
Gaetano Squadrito, Agatino Nicita, Radhouane Chtourou, Bruno Auvity, Alberto Soraci

21 - 33 

Knowledge and Technology Transfer from Polish Public Research Organisations: A case study of the Institute for Sustainable Technologies - National Research Institute
Urszula Wnuk

34 - 49 

Centre of Excellence for Steel Production and Metal Manufacturing - Innovative business development based on university research and organised as a public-private-partnership
Jens Lonholdt, Niels Bang-Ebbestrup, Soren Lybecker, Jacob Nielsen, Bettina Pedersen

50 - 62 

In-door Climate Remediation Based on Multidisciplinary University Research Based Open Innovation - From innovation process to technical results
Jens Lonholdt, Birgitte Andersen, Rasmus Jakobsen, Carsten Johansen, Bettina Pedersen, Anders Prieme, Mads Terkelsen and Lone Tolstrup Karlby

63 - 71 

The role of Higher Education Institutions in supporting innovation in SMEs: University-based incubators and student internships as knowledge transfer tools
Athena Piterou, Chris Birch

72 - 79 

The Achilles heel of a Strong Private Knowledge Sector: Evidence from Israel
Tzameret Rubin, Dan Peled, Benny Bental

80 - 99 

Demand led HE solutions for business- it really can work!
Marc Fleetham

100 - 115 

Understanding the Scope and Boundaries of Regional Innovation
Arvind Upadhyay, Giuseppe Pedeliento

116 - 122 

Engage with Strathclyde: An innovative approach to knowledge exchange
Yvonne Kinnaird, Rachel Clark

123 - 131 

The Outcomes and results of the Water Security Knowledge Exchange Programme
Kay Heuser, Graham Leeks, Isabella Tindall

132 - 144 

Co-creating value through Business School-SME Community Collaborative Projects: a case study approach
Christopher Brown, Phil Fiddaman, Robert Howie, Dominic Bellamy

145 - 162 

Knowledge Transfer in Commercial Law
John Cummins, Ian Walden, Patrick Cahill

163 - 176 

On Knowledge Usage and Innovation in Aeronautics Clusters Management
Sylvain Blanvillain, Chantal Hurard, Belahcene Mazari, Stephane Degres

177 - 190 

Regional Climate Change Adaptation Project - Innovative municipal partnerships in the Capital Region of Denmark
Jens Lonholdt, Martin Moneaux, Nina Caspersen, Ivar Rosendal, Rasmus Kiersundsen, Marie-Louise Sune Andersen

191 - 201 

Experimenting with Life Science Intermediaires: The case of the Pharmaceutical sector
Deborah Spencer

202 - 205 

Engineering Serendipitous Innovation through Knowledge Brokering
Victor Newman, David Jai-Persad

206 - 215 

CGI International Limited A company transformed through engaging in KTPs
Robert Whiting

216 - 221 

Realisation of the Knowledge-Based Organisation
Rose Marie Mather, Owen Leeds

222 - 229 

The Retail Context: A case study of 4 UK Based Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
Harvey Ells

230 - 243 

Enhancing The Competitiveness Of An Independent Feature Film Production Company Through The Application Of New Digital Technologies using Knowledge Transfer - A Case Study of Green Screen Productions
Keith Kehoe, John Mateer

244 - 256 

Consideration of Dynamics in Knowledge Prioritization: Preparing an Efficient Company-Internal Knowledge Transfer
Alexander Reik, Maik Maurer

257 - 265 

MediaMixer: Innovative Multimedia Solutions ready for transfer to industry
Lyndon Nixon

266 - 274