InImpact: The Journal of Innovation Impact

Publisher: Future Technology Press

Vol. 6 No. 1: Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare 2013

Editors: KES International
Journal ISSN: 2051-6002

Date: 01-Nov-12


Preface, Organisation, International Programme Committee, Invited Keynote Talks


Software Defined Network Application in Hospital
Keisuke Nagase

1 - 11 

Active Learning enhanced with Expert Knowledge for Computed Tomography Image Segmentation
Josu Maiora, Guillermo Garcia, Borja Ayerdi, Manuel Grana, Mariano De Blas

12 - 15 

Emotional analysis thru EEG signals, to monitor high performance athletes
Adrian R. Aguinaga, Miguel Lopez Ramire, Arnulfo Alanis Garza, Rosario Baltazar, Victor M. Zamudio

16 - 23 

An extraction of the violacein sequence from pJP101 for expression and analysis in pHSG398
Julian Harrison, John Ronczka

24 - 37 

Mapping systems within systems
John Ronczka

38 - 53 

Innovative Treatment for Glaucoma: Iridocorneal Angle in Phacovitrectomy with Silicone
Jesus Gonzalez-Cortes, Carlos Romo-Aguirre, Josue Lozano-Rodriguez, John Ronczka, Alejandro Martinez-Lopez-Portillo, Jesus Mohamed-Hamscho

54 - 61 

Ambient Health Monitoring: The Smartphone as a Body Sensor Network Component
Tudor Pascu, Martin White, Natalia Beloff, Zeeshan Patoli, Leon Barker

62 - 65 

Segmentation and classification of dynamic activities from accelerometer signals
Laurent Oudre, Maeva Doron, Chantal Simon

66 - 73 

Visual saliency maps for studies of behavior of patients with neurodegenerative diseases: Observer's versus Actor's points of view
Hugo Boujut, Vincent Buso, Jenny Benois-Pineau, Yann Gaestel, Jean-Francois Dartigues

74 - 78 

A comprehensive Remote Monitoring and Feedback Service for People with Dementia living at Home
Alexia Briassouli, Ioannis Kompatsiaris

79 - 82 

DemCare action dataset for evaluating dementia patients in a home-based environment
Konstantinos Avgerinakis, Yiannis Kompatsiaris

83 - 92 

Multicriteria Analysis and Case-Based Reasoning: Applications to the Training of Young Doctors in the Context of Breast Mammogram
Jean Renaud, Christian Fonteix, Mauricio Carmargo, Aline Deruyver, Laure Morel, Didier Casner

93 - 97 

Smart Medical System for the Universal Remote Delivery of Rehabilitation
Gorka Epelde, Julio Abascal, Jose Manuel Jimenez, Karmelo Vivanco, Isaac Gomez-Fraga, Xabier Valencia

98 - 109 

GoCardio: A novel approach for mobility in cardiac monitoring
Iker Mesa, Eider Sanchez, Javier Diaz, Carlos Toro, Arkaitz Artetxe, Alessandro De Mauro

110 - 120 

Business Intelligence Strategy for Data Warehouse in Andalusian Health Service
Jesus Dona, Antonia Ortega, Monica Holgado

121 - 130 

Housing Health and Safety Decision Support System with Augmented Reality
Arturas Kaklauskas, Mindaugas Krutinis, Petar Petkov, Ludmil Kovachev, Lina Bartkiene, Ieva Jackutė

131 - 143