Advances in Smart Systems Research

Publisher: Future Technology Publications

Vol. 6 No. 1: Workshop Papers from KES Smart Digital Futures 2017

Journal ISSN: 2050-8662

Date: 31-Dec-11


Does the device matter? Differences between the behaviour of e-shoppers using smartphones, tablets and desktops.
Andrzej Szymkowiak, Bartłomiej Pierański

1 - 12 

Consensus based scheduling of storage capacities in a virtual microgrid
Robert Brehm, Søren Top, Stefan Mátéfi-tempfli

13 - 22 

Bipolar Extreme Learning Machine for solar and wind synergy regression
Jose Salmeron, Antonio Ruiz-celma

23 - 26 

Breast cancer normal tissue complication modelling and parameter uncertainties
Ilias Sachpazidis, Luis Brualla Gonzalez, Joan Rosello Ferrando, Amparo Gonzalez Sanchis, Andreas Droukopoulos, Athina Papatheodorou

27 - 34 

Clinical and genetic data exploitation for the breast unit management
Miguel Cabo, Paloma Moraga, Marina Azpiroz

35 - 35 

A framework for knowledge creation based on M2M systems for the creation of flexible training environments for specific concepts in control
Fredy Martinez, Angelica Rendon, Pedro Guevara

36 - 43 

Full Access Learning: A Conceptual Framework for 21st Century Education
Rocco Ricci, Karyn Cooper, Robert White

44 - 48