Advances in Smart Systems Research

Publisher: Future Technology Publications

Vol. 4 No. 1: Workshop Papers from KES Conferences 2014-15

Journal ISSN: 2050-8662

Date: 31-Dec-11


Outline of Intelligent Support System for Development Projects
Krzysztof Targiel

1 - 6 

A Novel Robust Algorithm for Information Security Risk Evaluation
Zne-jung Lee, Chou-yuan Lee

7 - 16 

Sangaku Presented by Augumented Reality: An Educational Tool for Geometry
Yoshiteru Ishida, Yoshiaki Fukumoto, Tensi Yanagimachi, Masatoshi Nozawa

17 - 24 

Birthday Hojin (Square) and Circle Hojin
Yoshiteru Ishida, Yuki Tsuzuki, Ryota Kano, Ryo Ochiai

25 - 31 

Implementing SRN for Resilient Server on The Virtual Environment Using Container
Idris Winarno, Takeshi Okamoto, Yoshikazu Hata, Yoshiteru Ishida

32 - 37 

Support Tool for Game Storming with Vision Sensor
Noriyuki Kushiro, Tatsuya Ehira

38 - 43 

Optimization of Power Allocation and Sum Rate in MIMO Relay Networks
Phuong Tran

44 - 60 

Method of Evaluating Locally Produced and Consumed Woody Biomass Resources Using Real Geographical Information: Using Satellite Images and Google Map
Yu Oya, Kanamori Katsutoshi, Hayato Ohwada

61 - 75 

A Diagram Museum 2015.09: A TUT-KOSEN Cooperation Project
Yoshiteru Ishida, Mio Kobayashi, Masahiro Tokumitsu, Yuji Katsumata, Masayuki Ueda, Yoshikazu Hata

76 - 82