Advances in Smart Systems Research

Publisher Future Technology Publications
Vol. 2 No. 1 Workshop Papers from KES Conferences 2012
Journal ISSN 2050-8662
Article TitleNoise reduction in speech signals using a cochlear model
Primary AuthorMladen Russo, University of Split (Croatia)
Other Author(s) Maja Stella; Nikola Rozic
Pages 7 - 12
Article ID a12w-004
Publication Date 27-Jun-12

Smart systems and artificial intelligence technology are becoming increasingly popular and are continuously finding more applications in real-life situations. Many systems require human-computer interaction and the natural language interface. One of the major issues in speech recognition systems is their performance in real world (noisy) environment. Over the past decades many techniques for noise reduction were developed. Motivated by human auditory processing, and it is well known that humans are remarkably good at detecting speech in the background noise, we propose a noise reduction technique based on a biophysical cochlear model. Using a model of signal reconstruction from the cochlear output, we observed an improvement in the quality of noisy speech and a significant increase in speech recognition performance.

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Remarks Paper presented at the 'Agents Work in Progress' Workshop at the KES-AMSTA-2012 conference, 25-27 June 2012, Dubrovnic, Croatia.