Advances in Smart Systems Research

Publisher: Future Technology Publications

Vol. 5 No. 1: Workshop Papers from KES Conferences 2016

Journal ISSN: 2050-8662

Date: 31-Dec-11


Tree based routing protocol in WSNs: A comparative performance study of the routing protocols DEEC and RPL
Manel Elleuchi, Manel Boujelben, Mohammed S.BenSaleh, Abdulfattah M.Obeid, Mohamed Abid

7 - 16 

Lean Manufacturing Implementation in Small and Medium Industry
Nik Mohd Zuki Nik Mohamed, Nurul Husna Zakaria, Ahmad Nasser Mohd Rose, Mohd Fadzil Faisae Ab. Rashid

17 - 29 

Multi-Objective Optimisation of CNC Milling Process for Al 6061 using Modified NSGA-II
Mohd F.F. Ab Rashid, Nik M.Z. Mohamed, Ahmad N.M. Rose

30 - 38