Advances in Smart Systems Research

Publisher: Future Technology Publications

Vol. 3 No. 1: Workshop Papers from KES Conferences 2013

Journal ISSN: 2050-8662

Date: 31-Dec-11


Using high-level 3D Graphics library in agent-based simulation platform
Arnaud Grignard

1 - 6 

Improving the Interpretability of Support Vector Machines-based Fuzzy Rules
Duc-Hien Nguyen, Manh-Thanh Le

7 - 14 

Design and Application of Semantic Business Collaboration on the Cloud
Ching-Long Yeh

15 - 18 

Analysing PC Operation Logs by Functionality Clustering of Networks
Kazuhiro Suzuki, Hiroshi Yasuda, Kilho Shin, Takako Hashimoto, Tetsuji Kuboyama

19 - 24 

First Look at MCDM: Choosing a Decision Method
Pedro Mota, Ana Rita Campos, Rui Neves-Silva

25 - 30 

Context-based identification of Energy Consumption in Industrial Plants
Joao Cruz, Rui Neves-Silva, Maria Marques

31 - 37 

Empirical research in luxury brand image in Japan
Zhiqing Jiang, Shin'ya Nagasawa

38 - 43 

Study of Overload Control Problem for Intelligent LTE M2M Communication System
Yao-Chung Chang

44 - 48 

Optimized Communications on Cloud Computer Processor by Using Parallel Genetic Algorithms and Parallel Computing
Nicolas Lassabe

49 - 54 

Plan State Representation Using Heterogeneous Data Sources
Santa Maiti, Plaban Bhowmick, Debnath Mukherjee

55 - 60