Advances in Smart Systems Research

Publisher Future Technology Publications
Vol. 2 No. 1 Workshop Papers from KES Conferences 2012
Journal ISSN 2050-8662
Article TitleScalability analysis of lter-based methods for feature selection
Primary AuthorDiego Peteiro-Barral, Faculty of Informatics, University of A Coruna, A Coruna (Spain)
Other Author(s) Veronica Bolon-Canedo; Amparo Alonso-Betanzos; Bertha Guijarro-Berdinas; Noelia Sanchez-Maroono
Pages 21 - 26
Article ID kes12w-002
Publication Date 12-Sep-12

Researchers in machine learning are now interested not only in accuracy but also in scalability of methods. Although scalability of learning algorithms is a trending issue, scalability of feature selection methods has not received the same amount of attention. In this research, a preliminary attempt to study the scalability of three well-known filter-based feature selection methods will be done. For this sake, several new measures are introduced, based not only in accuracy but also in execution time and stability and the results will be presented according to them.

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Remarks Presented at the 'Groundbreaking Intelligent Systems Research' workshop at the KES2012 conference, San Sebastian, Spain, 10-12 September 2012