Innovation through Knowledge Transfer - Post Conference

Publisher: KES Publications (Future Technology Press)

Vol. 1: Innovation through Knowledge Transfer 2014

Editors: Robert Howlett
Date: 01-May-12


Making The Knowledge Triangle Work in Practice
Prof. Tom Barnes


Universities and the Research and Innovation Ecosystem: A Policy Perspective
Liz Shutt


Universities and Colleges - Co-Creators and Facilitators of Innovation; Bridging the Management-Academia Divide
Simon Whittemore


From KTN to Future Knowledge Transfer in the Financial Services
Dr. Chris Sier


From Cottage Industry to Curriculum and Classroom: Re-conceiving the Concept of Knowledge Transfer
Prof. Chris Birch


Delivering Research Impact in Humanities and Social Science
Dr. Andrew Wray


Understanding Scope and Boundaries of Regional Innovation
Dr. Arvind Upadhyay


Experimenting with Life Science Intermediaires: The Case of the Pharmaceutical Sector
Deborah Spencer


ETRERA Project: A Europe - Tunisia Co-operation in S&T Transfer
Gaetano Squadrito


Centre of Excellence for Steel Production and Metal Manufacturing - Innovative Business Development Based on University Research and Organised as a Public-Private-Partnership
Jens Lonholdt


In-door Climate Remediation Based on Multidisciplinary University Research Based Open Innovation - From Innovation Process to Technical Results
Jens Lonholdt


Regional Climate Change Mitigation Project - Innovative Municipal Partnerships in the Capital Region of Denmark
Jens Lonholdt


From Research through Co-creation of Knowledge to Impact
Dr Jonathan Gorst


The Outcomes and Results of the Water Security Knowledge Exchange Programme
Kay Heuser


Enhancing The Competitiveness Of An Independent Feature Film Production Company Through The Application Of New Digital Technologies
Keith Kehoe


Demand Led HE Solutions for Business - it really can work!
Marc Fleetham


CGI International Ltd - manufacturer of fire safety glasses - A KTP case study
Robert Whiting


Knowledge and Technology Transfer from Polish Public Research Organisations: A Case Study of the Institute for Sustainable Technologies - National Research Institute
Urzula Wnuk


Mapping Innovation Practice Among Practitioners
Prof. Victor Newman


Engineering Serendipitous Innovation through Knowledge Brokering
Prof. Victor Newman


Engage with Strathclyde: An Innovative Approach to Knowledge Exchange
Yvonne Kinnaird


Gibson Index
Marcus Gibson


InKT14 Conference Insights
Mike Orchard


Which Comes First, Innovation or Learning? Realisation of the Knowledge-Based Organisation
Rose Marie Mather


The Retail Context: A Case Study of 4 UK Based Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
Harvey Ells


Developing on-going Knowledge Transfer through KTP: A Case Study of the University of Wolverhampton and Severn Partnership Ltd
Dr. David Heesom


The Achilles Heel of a Strong Private Knowledge Sector: Evidence from Israel
Dr Tzameret Rubin


DEMAP - Staffordshire University and their Manufacturing Customers
Dr. Matthew Hocking


Co-creating Value through Business School-SME Community Collaborative Projects: A Case Study Approach
Dr. Christopher Brown


MediaMixer: Innovative Multimedia Solutions Ready for Transfer to Industry
Dr. Lyndon Nixon


Knowledge Transfer in Commercial Law
John Cummins


The Role of Higher Education Institutions in Supporting Innovation in SMEs: University-based Incubators and Student Internships as Knowledge Transfer Tools
Dr. Athena Piterou


A 15 Year Case Study at Priorclave
Dr. Linda Hyder


Preparing an Efficient Knowledge Transfer through Dynamic Prioritizing of Knowledge
Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Alexander Reik