Sustainability in Energy and Buildings: Research Advances ISSN 2054-3743

Publisher: Future Technology Press

Vol. 7: Sustainability in Energy and Buildings 2020 - Short papers

Date: 30-Sep-12


Comparison of two approaches for evaluating a floorplan's ability to change: SAGA and AOM
Makenzie Wilson, Brandon Ross, Pieter Herthogs, Zoraya Rockow

1 - 9 

Energy Monitoring Solution for SMEs
Ruth Ande, Bamidele Adebisi, Mohammad Hammoudeh, Augustine Ikpehai

10 - 19 

A review of the context of Low-Carbon Construction in Wales and the presentation of a Research Project: a Technical Design Guide for Welsh Zero-Carbon Housing
Tansy Duncan, Carolyn Hayles, John Littlewood, Stuart Jones, Teresa Boyle

20 - 27 

Hiroshima-Motomachi Housing Project - Study on Re-generation of a mass-Housing -
Seiji Sawada, Tetsuji Saito

28 - 34