Sustainability in Energy and Buildings: Research Advances ISSN 2054-3743

Publisher Future Technology Press
Vol. 6 Sustainability in Energy and Buildings 2017 - Short Papers
Article TitleInvestigating the application of small scale transpired solar collectors as air preheaters for residential buildings
Primary AuthorEmmanouil Perisoglou, Cardiff University, Welsh School of Architecture
Other Author(s) Joanne Patterson; Vicki Stevenson; Huw Jenkins
Pages 29 - 34
Article ID seb17s-009
Publication Date 15-Oct-17

Abstract This paper presents the performance of a transpired solar collector (TSC) used as a preheater for an air to air heat pump, installed in a demonstration house in Wales, UK. The TSC is activated when there is a demand for both heating and ventilation. The system is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, affordable, and can be installed on south facades/roofs in new and retrofit buildings. A TSC has been monitored for one year at a demonstration house and data normalised using historic weather data. Results show the system contributed 15% of the heating and hot water demand (1360kWh) in one year. In 2017 UK figures this translates into 100GBP to 200GBP savings per year compared to a conventional heating source. The total cost of the TSC technology for a mature market is projected to be less than 1600GBP for the installed area which indicates that the payback could be less than 8 years.

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