Sustainability in Energy and Buildings: Research Advances ISSN 2054-3743

Publisher Future Technology Press
Vol. 6 Sustainability in Energy and Buildings 2017 - Short Papers
Article TitleApplication scenarios for a dual use of a portable micro-CHP unit in a BEV and building
Primary AuthorHenrik Ruscher, IKME
Other Author(s) Dimitri Bitner; Dennis Saul; Alan Guwy; Giuliano Premier; Lars-O. Gusig
Pages 14 - 19
Article ID seb17s-004
Publication Date 15-Oct-17

Within the scope of worldwide discussions regarding CO2-reduction, the electrification of electric drive trains and the number of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) increases. However, there is still a lack of acceptance among customers due to the existing challenges such as low range, insufficient battery charging infrastructure, the higher price in comparison with similar conventional vehicles and customer flexibility. The scope of this paper is to analyse whether a portable micro-combined heat and power unit (pmCHP unit), investigated in an ongoing research project, could be used as a plant for combined generation of electrical energy and usable heat in residential buildings (domestic-hot-water & space heating) and in BEVs (range extender and thermal conditioning unit).

A mobile integration and alternative application of the pmCHP unit in adjacent fields could increase the overall sustainability in energy utilization. Furthermore, its independency and self-sufficiency could increase the acceptance of BEVs. To clarify the application of a pmCHP unit in residential buildings and BEVs, it is necessary to characterize the typology of buildings and the respective standards of heat insulation, as well as the common energy requirements regarding BEVs and buildings.

Additionally, with the utilization of various narrative scenarios and simulation tools developed at the IKME, the applicability, dual use and benefits of the pmCHP unit are investigated. To summarize, the analysis shows that the dual use of a pmCHP unit is possible, efficient, reduces CO2-emissions and could increase the acceptance of BEVs.

Keywords: pmCHP, combined heat and power, range extender, electric mobility

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