Sustainability in Energy and Buildings: Research Advances ISSN 2054-3743

Publisher Future Technology Press
Vol. 6 Sustainability in Energy and Buildings 2017 - Short Papers
Article TitleThe Effect of Ambient Temperature on the Power Output of 5kW Photovoltaic Solar Power System
Primary AuthorShehab Al-Sakkaf, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minarets
Other Author(s) Mahmoud Kassas; Muhammad Khalid
Pages 1 - 13
Article ID seb17s-003
Publication Date 15-Oct-17
AbstractThis paper presents the influence of ambient temperature on 5kW PV-Model depending on recorded data of Dhahran in Saudi Arabia for five months in 2016 and determines the best ambient temperature for the given period according to the power output of the model for each month. Photovoltaic cells are directly affected by temperature, i.e., the power output of the PV cells is dependent on temperature. Its performance is decreased with increase in temperature. This is due to the increase of the electrical circuit resistance with the temperature increase and hence the power output decreases. The study is done using MATLAB/SIMULINK based on KC200GT modified in order to give 5kW output power instead of 200W. Real Data collected from different seasons at Dhahran and applied on the model. The model efficiency is specified according to its performance during the different seasons. Performance of the model showing low efficiency during winter and summer due to the weak radiation and high temperature respectively. Spring season showing the best performance. According to the performance and the power output of the model during different seasons, the best operating temperature is obtained for each month. This will help in cooling process in order to maintain the solar power system working properly during different seasons of the year.
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