Sustainability in Energy and Buildings: Research Advances ISSN 2054-3743

Publisher Future Technology Press
Vol. 5 Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2016 - Supplementary Papers
Article TitleAnthropometry Survey of Nigerian Occupational Bus Drivers to Facilitate Sustainable Design of Driver's Workplace
Primary AuthorSamuel Onawumi, College of Engineering, Covenant University (Nigeria)
Other Author(s) Israel Dunmade; Moses Fajobi
Pages 1 - 10
Article ID sebra16-001
Publication Date 02-May-16

Driving is a highly demanding and responsible job in which both the driver and passengers are exposed to several occupational risks. However, poor design of driver’s workplace is a major risk factor responsible for the uncomfortable conditions which operators of this highly technological system are exposed to especially when engaged in long distance driving. This study aimed at developing anthropometric model for business bus drivers in Nigerian which will facilitate sustainable design of driver’s workplace. A sample size of 161 drivers were randomly selected among strata of operators of buses in selected motor parks in the study area for the ergonomic study. Twelve anthropometric data were collected and analysed to obtain their 5th, 50th and 95th percentiles with which the anthropometric model were developed. Anthropometric model developed from 1932 data points was presented in forms of table showing measurement of sitting driver’s body parts in his workspace indicating design for average as well as extremities of 5th and 95th percentiles. The model represents a database from which designers, manufacturers of equipment, machine, automobiles and household goods can obtain relevant body measurement of the population under study in relation relevant to specific product feature and for development of sustainable workspace design.

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Remarks Paper presented at KES International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing (KES-SDM-16), 4-6 April 2016, Chania, Crete, Greece.