Sustainability in Energy and Buildings: Research Advances ISSN 2054-3743

Publisher Future Technology Press
Vol. 3 Sustainability in Energy and Buildings 2014 - Short Papers
Article TitleAnalysis of user needs for solar cooking stove acceptance
Primary AuthorRobert Wimmer, Center for Appropriate Technology (GrAT)
Other Author(s) Chaipipat Pokpong; Myung Joo Kang; Mahdavi Ardeshir
Pages 43 - 51
Article ID seb14s-018
Publication Date 04-Jan-16
AbstractAbstract Many researches were conducted and proved that a solar-based cooking stove can provide high temperature sufficient for cooking foods. However, a solar-based cooking stove has not been widely used in households yet. This paper aims to investigate the reasons for the low acceptance of the solar cooking stove on the part of the households, based on an analysis of the user needs related to an electric cooking stove and the cooking behavior, in order to suggest a design guideline to design a cooking stove which is more likely to be accepted by households. The Kano model was used to classify user needs regarding an electric cooking stove in order to determine necessary features for a solar-based cooking stove. The result of this study is to improve user acceptance by using a design that bridges user needs and cooking stove features.

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