Sustainability in Energy and Buildings: Research Advances ISSN 2054-3743

Publisher Future Technology Press
Vol. 3 Sustainability in Energy and Buildings 2014 - Short Papers
Article TitleLighting control based on worker's location information and illuminance preferences in a Smart Workplace
Primary AuthorKei Furukawa, The Shimizu Corporation Institute of Technology (Japan)
Other Author(s) Kazuhiro Sadakiyo; Tetsuya Yamada
Pages 14 - 19
Article ID seb14s-004
Publication Date 04-Jan-16

The purpose of this study is to balance competing goals for energy conservation and environmental amenity in an office-based workplace, which we called a 'Smart Workplace'. This purpose was achieved by developing an equipment control system that responds to a worker's location and workplace environmental information utilizing information communication technology. In particular, the lighting control system illuminated only the workspace occupied by a worker and used the worker's illuminance preferences. This paper presents measures of energy conservation and satisfaction ratings provided by the workers using the lighting control system.

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